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Feliz Natal!

Had to blow the dust off of my email when I opened it cuz it’s been so long since I’ve opened it hahaha. I am

Elder Aliioaiga Ho-Ching

This week flew by!

This week flew by! It started out normal with us teaching a bit and finding. Nothing too crazy. A couple weeks ago, a brasilian couple

Elder Aliioaiga Ho-Ching

One year in Portugal!

Hey everyone! Just a quick email update on how ya boys doin. Things are going pretty well, I’m still in Mem Martins but I got

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What’s good peeps I hope you are all doing well. This ones gonna be short today but I just had to tell the story of

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I’m alive!

Hello everybody! I am alive! I hope everyone is doing well and I hope things haven’t changed too much since I left! It’s been a

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New callings!

Hello my queridos amigos. I hope that this awesome time of year has you all in good spirits and thinking about our Savior Jesus Christ!



What’s good everybody! I hope everyone had a good week. This last week is a little hard to remember but I’ll try my best lol.

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Look, I know it’s been a minute but hear me out… yeah I don’t have an excuse. But I’ve repented and will try to do

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Olaaaaaa queridos!

Espero que vos esteis bem! These past couple weeks have been pretty rough for ya Elder! I’m still in one piece but the work has

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Ola tudo bem!!!

Sorry I really wanna write every week but p-days are packed because our area is in the middle of nowhere and all free time I