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What’s good peeps I hope you are all doing well. This ones gonna be short today but I just had to tell the story of my boy Bernardo.

So about a month ago we found a 17 year old walking on the street and we stopped him to talk. He was doing like a gangster walk and smoked like four cigarettes during our 20 minute conversation. We didn’t sense anything special, but we got his number and kept going.

We met with him a couple days later and had the most unique lesson I’ve ever had because after talking to us, he’d gotten curious and searched about our church and found just about every infamous thing you can think of, Polygamy, words of wisdom, Garments, etc. So we talked to him about all of these topics and he actually accepted all of our answers and said they made sense. We had a super long lesson and touched on a lot of topics but it was super cool.

The next time we talked to him we taught about the Restoration and talked a little bit about baptism and he immediately said he wanted to be baptized.

Over the next couple of weeks we met with him very frequently and helped him to make the necessary changes in his life to be baptized. But the biggest change he made was definitely with smoking because he smoked 20 cigarettes A-day since he was 12 years old. With faith and reading the Book of Mormon and our help he was able to stop smoking cigarettes cold turkey and it was truly a miracle. He began to help us teach lessons and to shocontacts and his testimony was vital and many of the lessons that we have taught with our other friends. Obviously I’m not touching on every detail but Bernardo is one of the most elect people I have ever met and he’s planning on serving a mission and giving back to God for the things he’s received.

Before he was baptized Bernardo, he began coming to institute and went to church every week. He also was fully committed to daily scripture study and prayer and we can see truly from his example that doing a little things makes a huge difference.

I have tons of little funny stories about Bernardo but I’ll just keep it up this but he was baptized last Saturday and most of his family came but half of his family’s death and it was super cool to see Bernardo translate his own baptism into sign language for his family. It was such a special day and we all were super happy and crying because he truly has become one of our best friends in this area.

He is now preparing the names of his ancestors to take to the temple he is going to seminary and he is going to mission prep classes. I can truly say I’ve never met anybody who has been so committed to doing the will of the father and making so many big changes in such a short amount of time period.

But besides Bernardo, things have actually been kind of tough in this area. It is super hard to find people nowadays that are committed when they say that they will do something and so that has been super frustrating. But we will continue with faith and with love. I love you all.

I just wanted to share this amazing story with Bernardo and I hope some of you feel inspired by it! Please pray for us so we can find people to teach!

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