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Como estão? How are you all doing? This week was pretty loooooooong but very eventful. We had multiple conferences and exchanges and we only got to spend 1 day in our area :,( but we tried to make the most of it haha. This week was refreshing because we stopped teaching like 50% of the people in our Preach my Gospel (Formerly known as Area Book) so this week we can focus on finding new people to teach! Finding and talking to new people is by far my favorite missionary activity because you never know what is going to happen. Yesterday was a good reminder of 2 Nephi 25:23 (for we know that it is by grace that we are saved, after all we can do) because we were out of our area the whole week and we weren’t even close to hitting our finding goal when we woke up yesterday. We decided we would try and hit the mission standard of 8 people found, meaning we would have to find 7 new people to teach in 1 day! It wouldn’t be the first time I had done this, but the problem was on Sunday because of meetings and church, we would only have about 2 hours to go tracting. We set out and drove to an area we hadn’t found in before and started knocking on some big buildings. I’ll spare some of the details, but we walked up and knocked on 2 giant buildings, and in each one we found a new family to teach in the last apartment we knocked. God is good 🙂 We were able to hit our goal and we are so excited to work to the dust this week.

Let’s get an update on our friends we are teaching!


MIRACLE! Thank you to everyone who prayed for Figo and his family. During an exchange my companion Elder Bogdanov was able to remark a baptismal date for Figo! We had the help of a member in the lesson who’s parents also didn’t support his baptism but are now baptized. The irmão told his story and bore his testimony that God will bless us for doing what we know is right and Figo said that he would be baptized even if his parents don’t support it at the moment. On Saturday we passed by and rang the doorbell at 11am and his parents answered the door and were not happy that we had woken them up so that was a step backwards… BUT Figo is on the right track 🙂


António was very very very sick. Even sicker than I’d realized. He got Covid and the doctors told him they were not sure if he would live or not. Before he was taken to the hospital my companion (again on an exchange) was able to give him a blessing and when we went to visit António after he’d returned home, he said he believes it was because of that blessing that he didn’t die. Still super weak, and crying from all of the stress and problems that he has in his life right now, António began to praise God and saying “Ele sabe o que faz” He knows what He is doing. This was all on Saturday and the next day António limped through the gate of the church determined to not miss another church meeting. I have not met very many people with as much faith as António. Please continue to pray for him and his recovery.


So Evelize is a good friend of ours who is about to explode. She is 9 months pregnant and I believe the baby is due this week but y’all, this baby is gonna come out already 6 ft tall. I’ve never seen a baby bump so big haha. Unfortunately, Evelize is almost constantly in pain but NEVER refuses to meet with us. We marked a date for her baptism, but then we were informed by the members that it would be impossible on that day because apparently there’s a 40 day recovery time after child birth. Who would’ve known? But anyways, please pray that her baby Osvaldo can arrive here safely 🙂

I love you all! Thank you for the emails and for the prayers. Sometimes when things are hard, I feel like there are people watching over me and I know that I do, but I know that God sends angels to protect and comfort his servants according to their own faith and prayers and that of their loved ones as well. 

Elder Ho-Ching

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