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I’m alive!

I’m alive!

Hello everybody! I am alive! I hope everyone is doing well and I hope things haven’t changed too much since I left! It’s been a minute since I last wrote but a missionary in my district guilted me into doing it this week haha. Anyways so much has happened but ill sum up the big parts. I wrapped up my time in Gaia after staying there for 6 months! I had a blast training Elder Yniquez and we did some really good work. God is so good! We baptized 2 people together in Gaia: Daniel and Sonia.

Elder Yiniquez, Sonia and Me

First was Sónia who was actually a gray dot (someone taught in the past) and Elder Smith and I called her and she had interest in hearing our message. The problem was she lived super far away and the only way to get there was by car. We didn’t teach her in person until months after we first talked to her when we had a division with our Zone Leaders. Elders Cragun, Harward and I drove to her apartment and knocked on her door. She answered and had the Book of Mormon in her hands! The first thing she ever said to us was “this book changed my life” as she held it up. I was so surprised. We had stumbled upon an elect person! Long story short we taught her and baptized her in 3 weeks! She was a light to everyone, made good friends, and is such a great addition to the ward in Gaia. 

Missionaries with recently-baptized Daniel (2nd from left)

Our friend Daniel’s story is super powerful to me and miraculous. He lived in Brazil, he struggled with anxiety, depression and even suicidal thoughts after the death of his sister. I won’t tell his whole story because it’s super long and sad, but after the passing of his sister he struggled to find purpose in life. He didn’t know how or why, but he all is a sudden one day had a desire or draw to move to portugal (now he knows it was a prompting) so he left literally everything and moved here. After struggling for a few weeks in this new world, he came across an ad for the church on YouTube and asked for a visit from the missionaries. Again we were on a division (we like to say Elder Cragun is a God luck charm) and Elders Cragun and Yniquez taught him the Restoration in his house. He was touched by the Spirit and when we taught the plan of salvation, he accepted a baptismal date. It was so awesome to see Daniel and my trainee dressed in white on the baptism day and I was full of joy to see Daniel be baptized.

I got moved to a new area called Mem Martins with Elder Hammond. Immediately I knew we were in trouble because we have the same sense of humor. 🤣 But I went from being in Porto which is like 99% Portuguese people, too Mem Martins in Lisbon which is like 80% African and Brazilian. I LOVE IT! The people here are so much more humble and willing to accept the gospel. But a highlight of my time here so far is going to the temple with both of my recent converts! I got to baptize Sónia again and she gave me a HUGE hug afterwards 🤣 Daniel got to baptize a sister in the ward for his real sister and I started tearing up I won’t lie haha. He was so excited and did the work for his grandparents as well. My heart was so full seeing my friends making these Covenants. Anyways everything is going smoothly. I’m going to try again to send more emails even if they are like 1 sentence long so it’s off my conscience 😄. I love you all and I hope you are all nourishing your testimonies everyday! Love you guy! Until next week!

-Elder Ho-Ching

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