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Meu primeiro email!

Meu primeiro email!

Ola à todos! I said I would email every once in a while and here you go. This will be a little longer cause its two weeks worth of stuff no one wants to read about lol. But I hope everyone is doing well. I’ve got almost 2 weeks under my belt and it’s felt like 2 years already haha but I know it gets faster as I learn and get into the flow.

The travel here was horrible and i got super sick on the last flight. Aaaaand the airport lost ma bags so that was cool. I didn’t have a change of clothes for 4 days. I ate dinner with the mission president and his wife and they’re awesome people and the missionaries have been very nice.

But as expected, the language is kicking my butt a little bit. I can actually understand pretty well if people talk slower but it’s like everyone here is breaking the human limits of talking speed. I get discouraged sometimes but my trainer says I need to be more patient with myself. He always says “com tempo” when I get frustrated haha. His name is Elder Armstrong, he’s from Blackfoot Idaho, and he’s an awesome guy.

Elder Armstrong

We’ve been working our behinds off and It’s been good for me but I’m always SO tired. Teaching the gospel is awesome but street contacting random strangers sucks rn because Armstrong just looks at me at random times to speak and my heart rate skyrockets but I manage to fumble through a sentence or too before he takes over and finishes. I love teaching members though because it’s a place I can stop to think while I’m speaking and not feel judged.

Nothing too exciting has happened I guess but the people here are interesting for sure. They do not stop talking. Like we’ll be doing street contacts with people and they’ll just tell us the most random things for forever. I try my best to understand but most of the time I start nodding off.

One cool thing was we got to teach a couple school class which felt highly illegal but we were invited after street contacting a teacher. He asked us to come talk about family history (I kicked myself for not doing it with my Grandma H) and then share a message. I was terrified but we went and taught the restoration and did FH activities with the students and it turned out awesome. A lot of the kids wanted book of Mormons but no ones contacted us so we’ll see what happens.

It is very very very hot here and there’s no AC anywhere so we sweat ourselves to sleep but that’s okay because I did at home anyway cause my dad wouldn’t let me touch the thermostat. So I had the ingenious idea to make my own AC. I took a fan, a white shirt, broom handle, water bottle and string and built a fan AC. I’ll add a picture because it’s so ghetto but basically we throw a big bottle in the freezer and get ice water and hand it so it drips onto the t-shirt which is wrapped around the fan and wet so it blows freezing air through the… neck hole? Idk what that’s called. But it works actually and it makes me laugh when I see it.

I talked to my family last Sunday (time difference means we call on Sunday because siblings don’t have school) and I actually got pretty homesick. For like 5 minutes. Jkjk I miss my family and friends a lot! But I get lost in the work everyday so I’m chilling. My area gets a car (only like 6 duplas get cars) because we have a 6TH of portugal assigned to just me and my district of 6 elders. So we drive like an hour sometimes just to bring someone a book of mormon. But we rarely use the car and walk everywhere (my poor knees) so I’m gonna be a skeleton when i get home haha.

But yeah nothing else cool comes to mind to talk about. But if anyone wants to email me and ask questions I’ll try to answer but our pdays are pretty busy so sorry if I can’t. I love you all and thanks for your prayers!

-Elder Ho-Ching

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