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Oi Caras!

Oi Caras!

How goes it my people?! It’s ya boy Elder Hoshing here. I haven’t written in a fatty minute but I have had a ton happen.

I don’t remember everything that’s happened but the biggest thing is I got transferred. I was honestly shocked and super sad that i got transferred. We were doing very well. We had 3 people on date [for baptism] and about 10 progressing friends, but President decided it would be best if we were pink washed (Elders swapped for Sisters). We trusted it was revelation that we were switched but it still wasn’t easy haha.

But I am really liking the new area. I’m now serving in Gaia 2 in Porto. IT IS SO HUMID. But it’s been good because the people are nicer here in my opinion.

Missionaries at Elder Soares’ conference

Ooh another cool thing that happened a couple weeks ago was I was asked to sing in an octet for Elder Soares. Elder Soares came and spoke to our mission this last weekend and gave a super powerful discourse. I actually felt more touched by Sister Soares’ talk. She spoke to us about how we need to leave it all on the line for the Lord so we can be happy in the work. I felt super pumped and hyped afterwards.

But all the singers and musicians traveled down to Lisbon on the train the day before the conference (unfortunately i had to hand over the keys to my car and in this new area we use public transport 😭) and we had about 4 hours to practice our parts together.

Tbh, I didn’t feel nervous at all! I was just super excited and grateful for the opportunity! But the next day when we had the conference we sang our hearts out and I think it went super well! Sister soares said it was perfect and Elder Soares thanked us as well! Ill send a video of it. (We weren’t allowed to record the meeting so the video is kinda janky but you can still hear haha). But we all got to shake their hands and say hi and then we traveled back to our areas.

My new companion Elder Smith

One sad thing is I didn’t get to say goodbye to my friends and investigators in Castelo Branco because I didn’t think I’d be leaving and I worry about my queridos amigos all day. But the Sisters sent me a text today saying all is well so that’s good. Well, all’s good except for the couple we had on date. They were offended I didn’t say bye but I couldn’t! So we’ll see if they’re petty or actually have testimonies haha.

But tbh, so much has happened but idk what to talk about.

My new comp! Elder Smith is a Cali boy who enjoys cinematography and music. He and I reminisce about all the good music we used to listen to. But aye, the youth album goes hard sometimes. Syke.

But anyways I love you all and hope you have an awesome couple of weeks! Who knows, I might even write two weeks in a row! Até mais amigos!

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