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Oi família e amigos!  

Oi família e amigos!  

These last couple weeks have been a bit of a blur haha. We got robbed, had a Zone Conference and had 3 splits with other missionaries. But the work is going well!

We have two amigos on date! Israel and Quezia accepted our invitation to be baptized and we’re super excited. We gotta get them married first tho haha. But they’re date will be Aug 6!

I had my first opportunities to be part of blessings of healing these last 2 weeks to Quezia and Ayr-thon. They were super cool but I totally botched the anointing blessings. But hey, God knew what I was trying to do haha. But Quezia was like “what the heck is going on” I was just like shhhhhh. But hopefully she got faith to be healed!

Me and elder Armstrong

I had an exchange with our DL Elder Spencer who’s a straight baller. He is 24 and graduated from BYU with a philosophy major and he studied theology so he’s cracked at being a missionary haha. But we had a great division; finding 5 new people and teaching 3 lessons. Our other division was with the ZLs Elders Knapp, and Lowe. They are the chillest elders and me and Elder Knapp have tons in common with sports, shoes, and mulheres. But I had my division with Elder Lowe who gave me tons of great advice! He dies (ends his mission) in 1 week from now so that’s kinda sad but I’m happy he gets to go home and be with his family.

First haircut in Portugal

We got robbed!!! We were doing street contacts late at night and we came into this small courtyard and there was nobody except for a dude chillin ok a bench so we went and started talking to him. He asked if we were from America and we said yes then my man pulled out a faca and told us to put our bags on the ground. Elder Armstrong threw his arms up like we were at gunpoint snd I just stared at him. But we put our bags on the ground because that’s what you’re trained to do and stepped away. He went through our stuff then told us to leave and ran away. And the craziest part was none of that was true. BUT we did get our card info stolen somehow so we did lose all our money. But that’s not nearly as exciting is it ;). So we’ve been starving! But it’s been good.

Eating at chinese buffet for only $10!

It’s been so freaking hot it’s so annoying. We don’t have AC and it’s been 105 almost everyday and like 95 when we go to sleep so we are never not sweating. But boohoo for us.

We got transfers next week but since I’m training the odds of me getting switched to another trainer is super small. He’s super hard working and it shows in the blessings we get everyday. God is good and I love you all!

I don’t think I have anything else to say other than I’m gonna be dunking on some sister missionaries who think they can beat me in basketball today. Pray for a speedy recovery for them! 

Amo todos de vocês! Beijinhos!

-Elder Ho-Ching

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  1. Loved your stories! Hope you get new cards soon and can eat😭😭. I love your attitude though with everything going on.

    We were in humid Cancun and we were dripping. At least we had AC when we slept!!

  2. I put in a long message and now it’s gone 😭😭😭. We went to Dallas to my cousin’s granddaughter’s wedding in the temple. The counselor in Eastmark stake and his wife were killed in a car accident Friday and their daughter who just returned from her mission is in critical condition. Super sad.

    We had games and scones tonight. It’s raining and stormy right now. How’s the weather there? Hope you have a great birthday this week. Love you! Grandma

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