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Olá each bodies!

Olá each bodies!

I hope this week was fantabulous for you guys. It was a loooong one for ya Boi but that’s the mish life ne? Anyways, we had some cool stuff happening this week. It’s interesting how some days here can be so good and others can be so bad though haha.

We started off the week strong with a division with my District leader Elder Spencer and it was top 5 days in the mish so far fosho. It started off strangely with Elder Spencer jumping out of bed at 5:30 thinking it was 7 and started getting ready. Id like to say i started getting ready too but…. I questioned his actions and he realized the lunacy that was occurring, and went back to bed.

We taught a lot of first lessons that day, one of which we put a woman on date and another we taught an atheist. The atheist, David, read the Book of Mormon the day after we met and now wants to be baptized. My goal for the division was to follow the spirit and let my fears go and it worked so well. The Portuguese and doctrine just flowed between Elder Spencer and I and we were able to speak clearly while the Holy Ghost taught these people fantastic lessons.

But another good day this week was when we taught Wesley, a Brazilian who recently moved here to Portugal. We had to drive for 4 hours that day but we taught him the first lesson and he was so excited about the book of Mormon. We gave him a copy and will actually be teaching him again today. We hope he’ll be able to be baptized in the next couple weeks.

Pooped on by a bird

Church this last week was a bit of a disappointment because none of our friends came except for our boy Anderson. We have people with potential it just seems like they ways drop out last second though.

One thing thats been a little annoying is I’ve been having crazy bad headaches almost constantly and idk why but I’ve kinda gotten used to it. But the work goes on!

Thank you all for your prayers and emails I love hearing from you guys!

A couple scriptures I loved this week during studies were: Acts 1:7, 1 Nephi 15:11, and Samuel 15:22. This last one (the second half) was the most important to me because I think as a companionship we’ve been hitting the burners for a bit too long. I want to try and focus more on being obedient rather than thinking straight hard work will bring blessings.

Sorry for the short email this week but I only had about 15 minutes to write haha. Love y’all! Until next week:)

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