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Ola tudo bem!!!

Ola tudo bem!!!

Sorry I really wanna write every week but p-days are packed because our area is in the middle of nowhere and all free time I have is spent driving! To everyone who writes to me, I read em! I write my weekly in 10 minutes at the end of p-day tho haha.

But these past couple of weeks have been interesting for sure. Lots of ups and downs. I don’t know if I already said but we had 3 people on date for August but this last week the couple, Israel and Quesia, told us they don’t want to learn anymore which broke our hearts but we’ll see what happens with then.

We also had transfers and Elder Armstrong and I are stayin’ together for another transfer! woohoo!! It’s gonna be a good one. We got lots of work to do!

This past Sunday was interesting because we had 3 people ask for blessings out of nowhere so I gave my first blessing ever. And it was in Portuguese obviously so it was interesting but God got the message haha.

I had a division with my good friend Elder King who lives 30 minutes away from our house in AZ. We had a very successful day and met this kid in the park who’s from England. We taught him for like an hour about the restoration and temples and just what we believe. It was awesome! I had him download the BOM app and he promised me he’d read it.

We had some district drama where people felt like other people didn’t like them which was weird because I thought we loved each other but we’re all good now haha.

We are also teaching an awesome girl who is a Satanist. But I guess the way she looks at it is that Satan is misunderstood and he actually is the person that makes us happy. It’s really strange for us but she also believes she’s a witch. But she’s cool and we want to help her see the truth.

Companion playing with a local dog

Our less active and inactive members work has been awesome. We have reactivated a couple members who we thought were never coming back. A couple miracles, for example, were with Luis, and with Maria. We were doing street contacts one day and I felt strongly prompted to go ring doorbells at this one building we walked by a couple times. We went and rang the doorbells and nothing happened but then I turned around and recognized Luis’ apartment building. I felt strongly we needed to visit him so I told Armstrong and went in to visit him. We’d only been there once before and he didn’t let us in because his health isn’t good. But he answered the door and welcomed us in! We asked him about the state of his faith and taught about how we can grow our faith daily and through sacrifices. We felt inspired to invite him to go to the temple and get sealed to his wife. We invited to prepare to do this by going to church for 4 weeks. He accepted with a big Ole smile on my face and it made me so happy! We left the lesson feeling really good and Armstrong was like, “idk what you said or did but my old companion and I have been trying to get Luis to church for the past 5 months without results and now he accepted”. It was a great feeling! We just followed the guidance of the spirit and a miracle came about.

Some local Graffiti

One thing I think everyone should work on everyday is listen more closely for promptings of the spirit because I’ve learned real quick that if you don’t respond quickly to even the smallest of promptings, the opportunity is just gone.

But with Irmã Maria we passed by her house and she CLEARLY didn’t want to talk with us and so we just asked if she would come to church and she showed us her feet and they’re super swollen and bruised and said she couldn’t walk all the way there (most people don’t have cars) so we said we’d get someone to drive her. So now we have Luis and Maria coming to church and members giving them rides. We have a fantastic ramo!! They’re so supportive of the missionary work and we love them to death. I look forward to church every week haha.

Playing basketball with the local Portuguese

One sad thing is that we had to drop our friend Ayr-thon because we’ve taught him all the lessons and he won’t accept baptism. He’s got so much faith but he’s waiting for like a dream or something idk. He just always says he’s not prepared all the way yet. And that is fine! But as missionaries our job isn’t to hold people’s hands all the way to baptism but to love share and invite. Teach lessons and help our amigos along the path but if they decide to stop and just stand then that’s their decision. This is why we have our agency.

But anyways I’ll try to write more often and to respond to emails but please be patient with me! I love you all! If anyone wants to hear about any experiences in specific or how things work here in Portugal please email me because I never know what to write in these emails haha.

Love yall! Boa semana e até aproxima!

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  1. Hi Elder!! You know grandma…I couldn’t find your blog so I couldn’t read your letters 😭. But Hermana Taase was just here and she got me on!! Doesn’t seem real that she will be leaving in the morning!

    Aunty Tafi makes lunch for grandpa and me 4 days a week. They are healthy and so delicious so I have lost 7 pounds! My doctor is happy! Aunty Tracy takes us out to lunch every week too, so we’re really well taken care of! Grandpa has had an upper respiratory infection the past 2 weeks. It takes him a long time to get well now. But he’s getting better.

    Today I work at the Visitors Center. I love it and so does grandpa but he can’t work today.

    Everyone is doing well. We finally got our building plans submitted, so we should be able to start building in 8-10 weeks!

    What’s the weather like there? Is it still humid? How close are you to the ocean?

    I love your email. You are a good writer! Love you sweetie, grandma HoChing

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