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Olaaaaaa queridos!

Olaaaaaa queridos!

Espero que vos esteis bem! These past couple weeks have been pretty rough for ya Elder! I’m still in one piece but the work has been a bit discouraging. Numerically, we do fantastically in my area, but our progressing friends have been dropping like flies. Our two friends who had baptism dates have dropped lessons completely for unknown reasons and another friend Miguel just dropped his date as well. We don’t know why they are but they got their agency! It just makes us sad. But I have faith that a miracle is just around the corner. One scripture I read this week was Philipians 4:13:

 13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

Through the hard times on the mission (already have been out for 4 months!), I find comfort in the scriptures and knowing that Jesus walks by me and is ready to hold my hand when I feel alone. This scripture is the theme of this for me. This is um conhecimento that my parents instilled in me.

I know that when we have hard times, we can get through it with Jesus strengthening us. However, something to understand is that we must ask and seek for answers and comfort. In my experience, Jesus hasn’t come to me while I was crying and feeling sorry for me, it was when I decided to get on my knees and ask for the help that I felt him pick me up.

There are 2 things I see a lot here that make me sad. First, a lot of people let offenses from other members or leadership affect their desire to frequent church. Second, people let doubts or questions shake their testimony. I don’t understand how to explain to these people that we simply don’t need to know answers to every question. I believe that if we rely on the spirit and what it has already proven to us, being the church is true, the Book of Mormon is true, and Jesus Christ suffered for our sins, we will be happy!

As men we cannot know everything. Everyone reading this should open up to Nephi 11:17 and read it. Although Nephi didn’t know all the workings and personality of God, he went and did all the things which the Lord had commanded and prospered exceedingly.

Now about me haha. Language is coming fantastically! I love speaking and interacting with the people here. I’ve been blessed to learn the language quickly and I pray everyday for the gift of tongues.

Physically, is the opposite. I’m experiencing a lot of headaches and pain in my body. Idk what is going on. At first I thought it was dehydration but I started drinking TONS but my headaches are still almost constant. Please pray for my health!

Elder Armstrong with a lamb

Spiritually things are solid. I’m always tired so sometimes studies turn into a rock concert with how much I’m bobbing my head but I probably need to sleep earlier.

We work very, very hard but we also get home late sometimes because the people of Portugal love to talk. But I feel myself becoming closer to the spirit everyday. God is so good y’all. One thing I’ve been learning is that to serve the Lord the best we can, we need to have a balance physically, and spiritually. Because even though we’re sons and daughters of God, our souls have been crammed into these cases of flesh and bone that are susceptible to temptation and fatigue and countless other weaknesses.

I have such a large desire to please God and help my brothers and sisters her in Portugal but I need to remember not to run myself into the ground with how hard we’re working. I’m also not trying to just flex that we’re working crazy hard, I’m just blessed to have a machine as a companion and we push each other to be better every day haha. But overall, I’m excited to finish out this transfer strong, and see what comes next transfer. I wouldn’t mind either way if I stayed or left Castelo but I think I’ll be the one staying because Armstrong has been here a long time.

Every week I wish I had cool stories to share but unfortunately I do not. We did go to a “bull run” tho! Basically they blocked off a street and released bulls onto it and people can jump over the fence and run through and try to get away from the bulls. We didn’t see, but a guy got clapped by a bull with a horn to the face and now he’s in a coma. These Europeans are weird y’all hahaha. But I love em.

Anyways. I love you all and I hope you’re doing well. Send me an email! I suck at responding but I read and appreciate them. Até aproxima!

-Elder Ho-Ching

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