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One year in Portugal!

One year in Portugal!

Hey everyone! Just a quick email update on how ya boys doin. Things are going pretty well, I’m still in Mem Martins but I got a new comp Elder Martin. He is from Layton Utah and he is a super chill guy.

We had the baptism of our friend Ravi this last week which was awesome! Ravi is paralyzed from the chest down because he jumped off of a rock when he was 19 so the baptism was pretty unique! Elder Martin and I had the privelege of baptizing him together! It was a very cool experience and Ravi was so excited.

We met him because he wheeled in to the church in his wheelchair! He explained he had visited the church and been taught by the missionaries years before then but now he felt he was ready to hear the Gospel for real (Elect!).

Another funny thing about Ravi is the he lives in an RV which he parks at the church. This thing is huge so he blocks the other members from leaving the parking lot (as it is pretty small) and so they aren’t to happy with that but hey, at least he’s coming to church right? 😅

We have been busting our behinds to get some stuff movin here and it’s been paying off. When I got here we were teaching maybe 1 second lesson a week but now we are teaching 20-25. This last week things slowed down a bite though so now we need to hit the streets and find the Lord’s elects!

I also hit one year in Portugal last friday! That’s my quick update for y’all! Love you guys and until next week 🤙🏼

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