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This week flew by!

This week flew by!

This week flew by! It started out normal with us teaching a bit and finding. Nothing too crazy.

A couple weeks ago, a brasilian couple walked into the chapel that I hadn’t seen before and so I walked up and introduced myself. Their names are Vitor and Giovanna and they explained they had moved recently to Sintra (the city next to Mem Martins). Vitor is not a member and Giovanna was inactive but they decided to visit the church to see how they liked it. Long story short, we set up a lesson with them, and we hit it off. They are the cooooolest people you’ll ever meet.

During our third lesson, I decided to give a baptismal invite because Vitor is such an elect dude. He explained he’s worried about making big changes in his life and I told him the only changes he’d have to make would be 1. Reading the Book of Mormon every day  2. Pray everyday and 3. Go ti church every week, and then God would take care of the rest. He accepted this and agreed to mark a date as a goal.

We marked for the 24, ended the lesson, and they left. 20 minutes later, they showed up again and asked to speak with us. Vitor explained that they actually aren’t married, and understanding the rules and laws of God, he didn’t feel comfortable setting a date. He also explained how he and Giovanna had been harshly judged in their last ward they went to in Brasil, and how they were scared it would happen again. They are engaged but Vitor wants to visit Brasil and get married with his family there. We explained how the only opinion that matters is God’s, and that the congregation here would accept them with loving arms no matter what. I recommended they meet with the bishop to ask his opinion on their marriage and they did. He gave them a week to pray and make a decision.

ANYWAYS long build up done but there is another half to this story. I’m in a district with 3 areas right next to each other and this week, we did divisions with the Elders in Cacém, elders Harward and Greenstreet. It was interesting because we all are so close in mission age (time on the mission) and we really had a good time. I split with Elder Greenstreet and finally had a chance to talk and get to know him because this is his first transfer in our district. He is such a cool dude and reminds me of my brother Bennion because he is pretty quiet and he thinks before he speaks. This is definitely a skill I do not have. 😅

Elder Greenstreet and I met this lady named Emanuela and set up a second lesson with her for Sunday, the same time the YSA would be doing a family home evening (we didn’t know). Vitor, Giovanna, Bernardo (my recent convert), and us missionários pulled up to the activity in Cacém late and sat down. They pull up a slide show for the spiritual thought…… and we freaking read the rules and standards of the church on marriage and the law of chastity 🤦‍♂️ I was soooo embarrassed and I promised Vitor I didn’t know we would be talking about that subject. Some people were saying some pretty crazy things. The lady leading even asked the question. “What do we think about dating/marrying non-members?” and my heart stopped beating. 🤣 I won’t share all the answers but one goof said “well the old Testament says we shouldn’t marry outside the Covenant”.

After the spiritual side was done, I hugged Vitor and apologized. He said he was dying of embarrassment but he was ok 🤣 then they began the activity of the night… speed dating. So I had brought my two best friends who are engaged but not following the standards of the Lord exactly to a YSA activity where we talked about the law of chastity and speed dated. It was insane.

BUT back to Emanuela. Elder Martin (my real comp) and I went outside and found the Cacém Elders waiting for her. She wasn’t answering her phone but she had sent a text 20 minutes earlier saying she’d arrived. We looked for her outside but gave up and headed back inside. I glanced at the circle of speed daters and saw Emanuela sitting in the middle of the circle 🤣🤣🤣 she had gotten shewed in by a member and forced to participate before she’d ever even had a lesson with the missionaries and we were dying laughing.

After the activity, the Elders taught her and she said she really enjoyed it all! I’m happy for them and Vitor and Giovanna ended up loving it as well. God works in mysterious ways but He knows what He is doing.

Anyway sorry for the behemoth post but I wanted to share a good laugh with you all. Elder Ho-Ching is doing very well and loving the work. Please keep me in your prayers so that God will give us more elect people to teach and bring into His fold. I love you all!! God is Good.

-Elder Ho-Ching

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